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Unit 390 Board
Directors Job Descriptions and Responsibilities


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1.1   President
1.2   Vice-President
1.3   Immediate Past President
1.4   Secretary
1.5   Treasurer
1.6   Tournament Coordinator
1.7   Membership
1.8   Future Masters Coordinator
1.9   Special Events Director
1.10 Information Officer



1.1 President

The President shall:

  • Be an Officer of the Unit
  • Preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Board of Directors, of which the President shall act as Chair.
  • Have general supervision of the affairs of the Unit and shall perform such other duties as are incident to the office or are properly required of the President by the Board of Directors.
  • Appoint members to all special positions and established committees and serve on the committees as an ex-officio member, with the exception of the Nominating Committee. These committees include the following: disciplinary, education, membership, publicity and tournaments.
  • Be elected by the membership for a term of one year. Officers, including the President, may serve more than one term and shall hold office until their successors are elected.
  • Exercise general supervision over the activities of the Board of Directors and provide assistance to Directors as requested.
  • Ensure all newly elected Directors are provided with a copy of the Unit Director’s job descriptions and advise them how to obtain a copy of the ACBL Handbook of Rules and Regulations for their reference.
  • Schedule Board of Directors and membership meetings as stipulated in the Unit 390 Bylaws and shall prepare and circulate an agenda at least one week in advance of the meeting. The Directors shall be provided with advance information to enable them to come to the scheduled meetings with an understanding of the issues/agenda items that are to be discussed.
  • Work closely with the District 18 representative as required and/or requested.
  • The President can authorize individual expenditures of $500.00 or less.


1.2 Vice-President

The Vice-President shall:

  • Assist the President in the execution of his/her duties.
  • During the absence or disability of the President, exercise all the functions of the President
  • Have such powers and discharge such duties as may be assigned him/her by the Board of Directors or the President.
  • Attend any ethics committee hearings.
  • Be the Election Director unless he/she is a candidate for re-election.


For Discussion by Board

The Board should formalize a position of Asset Manager (or other name):

  • This position would manage the unit assets including the unit trailer and contents, bridge mates, etc. (Significant $ value represented here!)
  • Position could/should be a Board position to answer to the Board and co-ordinate to have assets on site at sectionals and other events.
  • Another option could be for Asset Manager to report to Board through Treasurer.


1.3 Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President shall:

  • Assist the President in the execution of his/her duties, and perform such other duties as the President may direct.
  • Use his/her experience as a sounding board for the Board and members at large.
  • Lend a hand in the event someone cannot attend to their duties or functions.
  • Assist the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, on an ongoing basis, in finding qualified Unit 390 members that would like to serve on the Board or be an Associate member.

1.4 Secretary

The Secretary shall:

  • Record all duties usually attendant upon the office of Secretary.
  •  Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, and all membership meetings.
  •  Keep lists of all member and affiliated clubs, records and correspondence, and minutes of all meetings of the Board and of the membership. These should be kept current on for use by all Directors and members.
  • Forward a draft of the minutes to each Board member, for review immediately following any Board meeting or membership meeting. This should be done within one week following a meeting. The minutes shall be marked “Subject to Board Approval.” After the Board formally approves the minutes, the minutes should be forwarded via email to the Unit Web Master to post on the Unit website.
  • Maintain a hard copy of all minutes, and correspondence.
  • Complete the necessary forms notifying the ACBL of the annual unit Board Member and officer changes.
  • Notify the District 18 Executive of all changes within the Board as necessary.
  • Request certified or qualified director’s test from ACBL and arrange for test to be administered.
  • Maintain the Unit Procedures Manual and revise as necessary.
  • Handle all other duties as outlined in the Unit by-laws.
  • Serve as the Unit Electronic Contact for ACBL e-mail correspondence.
  • Submit annual society registration package to Alberta Registries.
  • Maintain contracts with Unit 390 Clubs for Bridgemate leases.
  • Be in charge of communications with all unit club managers. This includes maintaining a current up-dated file of club sites and mailing addresses of managers.
  • Notify ACBL (Membership Department) of any deaths that occur in Unit 390.


1.5 Treasurer

The Treasurer shall:

  • Pay bills as approved by respective chairmen and the Board.
  • Maintain financial records and attend monthly Board meetings to discuss.
  • Change signature cards as necessary. Signers are Treasurer, President and Secretary.
  • Handle all financial correspondence. Manage term deposits, acquiring and renewing as necessary.
  • Make all incoming deposits.
  • Have available for each Board Meeting most recent bank statements and term deposit balances.
  • Provide all financial materials to the Auditor in a timely manner, so they may audit the books before the AGM.
  • Prepare Year End Financial statements –Year End is March 31. Make copies for the attendees of the AGM.

Explanatory Notes:

  1. Financial records are on a “cash basis” although at the end of each year there may be some journal entries made to show known income/expenses not actually received but earmarked for that Fiscal Year.
  2. Any cheque over $500 must be signed by two of the three authorized signers. If Treasurer is going to be unavailable, the chequebook should be handed over to one of the other ”signers” as custodian.
  3. A target bank account balance or “float” of approximately $10,000 will be maintained to ensure Unit financial business can be managed without requiring premature cashing-in of term deposits. The target amount of this “float” can be adjusted as required.


1.6 Tournament Coordinator

The Sectional Tournament Coordinator shall:

  • Confirm tournament venue availability on all dates for Sectional Tournaments (provided on the WASUMI website under tournament planning). Any changes to dates must be done through the District 18 representative.
  • Coordinate arranging of individual sanctions for each Tournament and unit game. Sanctions numbers from ACBL for tournaments or club unit games are arranged by Jean Ward
  • Order liability insurance for each tournament by completing forms sent by ACBL.
  • Arrange for partnership desk personnel to be available to assist players requiring partners up to 15 minutes before game time. The partnership desk also provides candy during the tournament in an amount recommended by the Unit Board
  • Coordinate the availability of Unit bridgemates to ensure there are 60 bridgemates at each tournament - provided by the various clubs in the city.  (They paid 25% of the cost and the unit 75% and they are therefore obligated to provide them).  Maintain a written schedule and distribute it to the various clubs so they are aware when they have to bring the bridgemates and demonstrating that their participation is equal to the other clubs in the city.  The bridgemates are required but the server is not as the unit has a server.
  • Coordinate preparation of Tournament Flyer.  Tournament coordinator arranges for printing flyer (at least 300 copies) and ensures distribution to various clubs in the city a couple weeks prior to tournament.  Tournament Coordinator sends an email (with specific instructions) to ACBL requesting distribution of flyer to neighboring units and to include it on the ACBL website. Tournament Coordinator must pre-register with ACBL for authority to do this. ACBL sends out our flyer at no cost.   Flyers for the upcoming tournament should be made available to the director early enough so he can distribute them on his travels to neighboring tournaments
  • Coordinate Tournament Supplies – including provision of pencils, sharpener, scoring and registration pads for tournament. Most of these can be purchased through Canadian Bridge Supplies in Edmonton.
  • Confirm transport plans for Tournament trailer to be at venue two hours before start time, and to be returned to storage immediately after tournament.
  • Arrange for a team of volunteers to prepare venue for tournament use 2 hours prior to first game.
  • Food Services
    o Make available water and water glasses throughout the tournament.
    o Ensure that a minimum concession is available.
    o Arrange for pre-game Sunday morning coffee and donuts/muffins.
    o Make available a Sunday lunch for purchase by players.
  • Arrange for caddy master to ensure one caddy per session and two for Sunday with a basic charge of $40.00 a session.  This may change over time.  They are not required to do anything but move boards and collect sheets of paper.  They have also done various cleaning tasks on the event floor.
  • Serve as liaison for assigned ACBL Director and District 18 Tournament Coordinator.


1.7 Membership

The Membership Chair shall:

  • Maintain the record of members including:
  1.  a list of e-mail and s-mail (snail-mail) recipients
  2.  current addresses and other personal information
  • Receive the following reports from  ACBL:
  1. In and Out Reports – these used to be used to generate the milestones reported in the Kibitzer however we have migrated to using the Transaction Report for this purpose as it is more inclusive.
  2. QUIP report – this shows the growth trends in the quarter.
  3. Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney standings (sent later in the
    month). These have never been asked for so they must also be forwarded to other Unit members.
  4. Transaction Report – this report identifies significant milestones for the members in the Unit.
  5. Roster Report- this report provides a snapshot of the ACBL membership data.
  • Broadcast announcements from interested parties
  1. Maintain a list of valid parties
  • Populate the Membership Report in the Kibitzer as requested
  • Provide new member reports to the new member liaison.
  • Generate an annual telephone directory that includes the member phone numbers ,  the active clubs in the Unit and the dates of unit functions (i.e. Sectionals and Regionals)
  • Provide a pairing report to each Mentor-Mentee pair.


1.8 Future Masters Coordinator 

   The main purpose of this position is to promote, encourage and support new members for the unit and for ACBL.

The Future Masters Coordinator shall:

  • Coordinate and consult with the National Novice Chairman and the District Novice Chairman concerning any new or present novice programs in ACBL.
  • Serve as Unit 390’s liaison with teachers
  • Keep the unit's membership informed about lessons and about available ACBL education programs and implement the ones approved by the Board
  • Coordinate the printing and distribution of Free Play Awards


       For Sectionals:
  • Obtain, have engraved and distribute prizes for Winners of President’s Award and winners of D, E and F


The ACBL’s Handbook for Intermediate-Newcomer Coordinators, available on the Internet at -


1.9 Special Events Director

The Special Events Director shall:

  • Publicize and promote participation in the GNT and NAOP programs
    • Contact District GNT Coordinator to determine current District Conditions of Contest and what subsidy the District has approved ($500 in 2010/2011) and determine submission requirements
    • Publicize GNT and NAOP qualifying games at clubs hosting
    • Inform participating members of details (ie GNT location, dates, times, price, sanctions, screen qualifiers, and other arrangements)
    • Serve as a resource to answer questions about the NAOP program
    • Coordinate attendance by unit members at the District level qualifying game
  • Maintain the Unit travel subsidy policy for GNT, CNTC/CWTC and NAOP contestants
  • Organize Unit 390 Annual General Meeting timing, location, attendance and catering functions
  • Organize Unit 390 Rookie Master Events
    • Collaborate with the Future Masters Director to plan and organize the event
    • Determine date, location and whether the game requires sanctioning
    • Publicize and promote the event to both Unit members and non-unit players
    • Coordinate attendance and establish Rookie Master teams
    • Coordinate event logistics and determine resourcing requirements
    • Oversee the hiring of and process for director(s), caddies, kitchen help, etc.
    • Coordinate volunteers to help with food preparation and event day tasks
  • Perform other responsibilities that the Unit Board deems ‘special’.


1.10 Information Officer

The Information Officer shall:

  • Attend regular and special meetings of the Board
  • Facilitate preparation and updating of job descriptions for Board members
  • Undertake assignments as directed by President