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Jim Berglund's Bridge Lessons

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Lessons Available
   Common Bridge Infractions & Misunderstandings
 01  How to Play Bridge
 02  Let's Play a Bridge Hand
 03  How to Bid
 04  Opening Bid Considerations
 05  Bidding and Responding
 06  Basic 2 over 1
 07  General Bidding Practices - Rules and Recommendations
 08  Bidding Discipline Guidelines
 09  Bidding with 5-5 Hands
 10  The ACBL General Convention Chart
 11  Bidding Over Preempts
 12  Opening a Short Club
 13  The Drury Convention
 14  Lebensohl - Over 1NT
 15  Lebensohl - Other Uses
 16  Slam Bidding
 17  Balancing
 18  Opening Leads
 19  Reverses and Jump Shifts - a new look
 20  X-Y-Z
 21  Overcalls
 22  Basic 2 over 1
 22  Calgary 2 over 1 with Right-siding Transfers - Part 1
 23  Calgary 2 over 1 with Right-siding Transfers - Part 2
 24  Filling out the convention card
 25  Doubles - Overview
 26  The Takeout Double
 27  Responding to the Takeout Double
 28  Negative Doubles
 29  Responding to Negative Doubles
 30  Responsive Doubles
 31  Penalty Doubles
 32  DSIP Doubles
 33  Support Doubles
 34  alancing Doubles
 35  Signalling
 36  Eddie Kantar's 66 Bidding Treatments You Need to Know
 37  The Bidding Box
 38  Rubensol
 39  Embarassing Actions in Bridge
 40  Listen & Think
 41  The two club opener

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