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John Sharpe

President's Message
by John Sharpe - President, Calgary ACBL Unit 390


appy New Year to all bridge players,


The New Year has started off well with increased attendance at the Sectional, 276.5 tables compared with 266.5 last year. This is no doubt due to all the work put in by the volunteers led by Carrie Stockman, the tournament chair. Assisting Carrie during the last three tournaments were Debbie Hunt, Mary Anne Crookes, Gerry Marchant and Elsie Johnson on the welcome desk; Freda Nychkalo - hospitality; Katie Trafford and Marcia Andreychuk – partnership; Mike D’Aguiar – caddy master; Janet Galbraith – awards; Linda Wallace – awards/hospitality; Dorothy Mersereau – liason/past chair; Janice Eliasson, Chris and Janet Galbraith – speakers; Barbara Webster and Steve Lawrence – equipment and our wonderful new table covers were created and produced by Caroleigh Houghton. They are certainly doing a great job.

Over the past year there has again been an increase in Unit 390 membership. These new members have had the opportunity to gain silver points at the first ever 299er sectional held at the Kerby Centre in November. It was so successful with 39 tables that another one is being arranged for April 14th. Rookies will also have the opportunity to participate in the annual Rookie/Master team event that will be held on February 3rd.

This year an enhanced travel policy has been introduced. In most cases the subsidies have been doubled. It is to be hoped that this will encourage more members to compete in National events. Also introduced this year is a Youth Travel Subsidy Policy. Studies have shown that when young people start playing bridge their academic performance improves. Hence it is a very worthwhile exercise for them.

2017 was a great year for Unit 390 members achieving masterpoint milestones. In the Mini-Richmond, which is the Canada wide event, Michael Serafini was the winner in the 5-20 point category and Dorothy Mersereau was the winner in the 500-1000 category. In the Mini-McKenney for District 18 there were eight winners from Unit 390: 0-5 Robert Stothers*, 5-20 Michael Serafini*, 20-50 Danuta Trafford, 100-200 Brent Muir*, 200-300 Mary Anne Crookes, 500-1000 Dorothy Mersereau, 1000-1500 Helen Dillen and 10,000+ Nicholas Gartaganis. The * indicates that they were also the winner of the Ace of Clubs.

Despite the tremendous success of the unit in the past year and the contributions of many volunteers and teachers, there has not yet been any success in recruiting new board members. Please consider standing for the board and indicate your desire to me at or to any of the existing board members.

Thank you.

Calgary ACBL Unit 390