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Bidwell-Bridgejoy Club has Club Championship on March 24 Bidwell-Bridejoy Club

Friday, March 24th
Club Championship

BridgeMates Club has Club Championship on March 24 BridgeMates Club

Friday, March 24th
Club Championship

Aurora Club has Club Championship on March 27 Aurora Club

Monday, March 27th
Club Championship

Pat's Invitational Club is closed on March 27 Pat's Invitational Club

Monday, March 27th
Closed; Venue not Available

North Calgary Ladies Club has unit game on March 28 North Calgary Ladies Club

Tuesday, March 28th
Unit Game; Men Invited

Bow River Club has Club Championship on March 29 Bow River Club

Wednesday, March 29th
Club Championship

Partners Club has Club Championship on March 30 Partners Club

Thursday, March 30th
Club Championship

John Sharpe

President's Message
by John Sharpe - President, Calgary ACBL Unit 390


ello bridge players,

2017 has started off very successfully for bridge in Calgary. The Winter Sectional in January attracted 267 tables, which was an increase of 12 tables from January 2016. Noise is still an issue at this location but a decision has been made, based on feedback from members, to commit to this location for the next two years. At upcoming sectionals you are all requested to try to keep the noise down. The lunch on Sunday was again very well received, great value.

The rookie/master event held at the Kerby Centre on February 4th was also a great success, attracting 38 teams. This was about 50% more than last year. Many thanks to Tracy Horan, Dev Drysdale and all the other volunteers for their contribution to an enjoyable evening.

The participation in Unit events is a reflection of the increased Unit membership over the past year. As of January 1st 2017, there are now 924 members in the unit. This is an increase from 898 as of April 1st 2016 and includes 56 new members. Thanks to all the bridge teachers who are contributing to these numbers.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to inform you that Judith and Nicholas Gartaganis will be inducted into the Canadian Bridge Hall of Fame at the Canadian Bridge Championships in Winnipeg at the end of April. This honor is well deserved. Between them they have represented Canada 18 times, winning three gold and three silver medals.

Several unit members participated as extras in the filming of an episode of the TV series Fargo at the Clarion Hotel on January 13th. This will be screened as the first episode of the new Fargo series starting in the week commencing April 17th on FX. I hope that many of you will enjoy watching familiar faces on TV.

Is anyone interested in volunteering to try to start introducing bridge into schools? The ACBL will provide a book, “Bidding in the 21st Century” for each student, playing cards, a teacher manual, drawstring backpacks for students and teacher, and a stipend of $350 for every class of at least eight students who receive 16 or more hours of bridge instruction and play. However, it is not an easy task to get schools interested. Unsuccessful attempts have been made in the past and rejection can be discouraging. Nevertheless I believe that it is beneficial for students to learn and play bridge rather than twiddle their thumbs on video games and so we need to make another attempt. Any takers?

John Sharpe

Calgary ACBL Unit 390

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